1-Day LIVE Training
Mastery Under Pressure: How to Achieve an Unstoppable Mindset
October 21, 2017
 5700 Bay Street, Emeryville, CA 94608

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Attention Driven, Committed Career Professionals or Entrepeneurs in a Leadership Role!

"Whether you think you can or you think you can't...you're right."
~Henry Ford
Are Your Thoughts:
  • Interfering with your career?
  • Sabatoging your business?
  • Undermining your leadership skills?
When we experience some or all of these, our performance suffers. We may know that is happening, but don't know how to change it or turn it around

If you struggle with some of these issues or ones similar, then join me for my Live Training!

Some of the topics we'll be covering include:
  • Focus
  • Relaxation
  • Coping with Negative Self-Talk and Mindfulness Training
  • Transforming Fear and Using It As Your Teacher
  • Creating Powerful Visualizations
These topics will expand your knowledge and expertise in managing your emotions under pressure.

By learning how to initiate the relaxation response and recognizing when you are in focus or out of focus, you will master ease and management over your personal and business lives.
And by the end of the training you will have received the tools to:
Build Confidence
And trust yourself under pressure.
Powerful tools World Class athletes use.
On things you can control instead of obsessing about those you can't.
For a Limited Time!

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